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My Hero
by Mary McBride
ISBN: 0446611263
June 2003
Contemporary Romance

Holly Hicks, transplanted New Yorker, wants nothing more than to be a television producer and to forget her small town Texas upbringing. Holly was not raised in a home in which she was encouraged to be all she could be. Due to her lack of love for Texas, when her big producing break finally comes she is a bit reluctant to accept the job as it will take her back to Texas.

Cal Griffin is a secret service agent who is recuperating from having taken a bullet meant for the president he was assigned to protect. He reluctantly agrees to Holly coming to his home in Honeycomb, Texas to profile him for her network's Heros Week.

The chemistry between Holly and Cal is almost instant. Neither is happy with the feelings they're dealing with. Each has many personal issues to be resolved before being able to commit to a relationship.

Ms. McBride has written an entertaining book in which all her characters have acted maturely even when acting impulsively. As I read I wished for a town like Honeycomb where everyone is considered family instead of strangers who come to town.

My Hero is a fun relaxing read, and has made Mary McBride the newest addition to my author to read list.

Sandi Shilhanek, January 2004

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