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Pamela Britton
ISBN: 0446611298
April 2003
Historical Romance

“I brought you here to seduce you,” the Duke of Death, Lucien St. Aubyn told Elizabeth Montclair at a London social affair. After that declaration they are found in a compromising situation by their hostess and within a matter of minutes all of London knows of the scandal that has ruined Elizabeth, the poor daughter of a titled cobbler.

Duke Lucien St. Aubyn has been unlucky in life, having had to watch most of the people close to him, including his older brother die. Guilt over these deaths makes him act reckless and he plays the part of rogue with gusto. The night he sees Elizabeth at a party, he challenges himself to seduce her for sport, but once she is tainted by the scandal, he feels the need to act honorably and marry her.

There is no love between the cold, hard St. Aubyn, and the outspoken Elizabeth, until they are alone and she begins to see the person behind the scandalous stories. Realizing that he has many redeeming qualities, she looks further into his personality.

The suspicious death of St. Aubyn’s brother hangs over their heads, and when he is arrested for murdering his brother Elizabeth’s loyalties are called into question. Does she do as she is asked and go home to her parents to avoid further scandal? Or does she do all she can to help her husband who will probably hang for the murder of his brother?

SEDUCED by Pamela Britton is a descriptive, colorful journey through the romance of Lucien and Elizabeth. Britton’s detailing of the people and places puts the reader in the setting from Elizabeth’s glance in a hallway mirror to the beauty of an ancient crumbling castle.

The unveiling of Lucien’s personality is masterfully woven into the plot of the story. Elizabeth’s unreserved outbursts and off color remarks to her husband make her an intriguing heroine who is fun to read about. If one likes to read historical romance set in London, this one will be a refreshing excursion.

Michelle Libby, June 2003

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