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by Pamela Britton
ISBN: 0446611301
January 2004
Historical Romance

Pamela Britton’s “Tempted” caught my attention from the prologue (a wonderful way to set up the story) and held it fast through the whole book. She tells the story of George Drummond, the Marquis of Warrick who was also the heir to the Duke of Wainridge, also known as Wicked Wainridge. George spent his whole life trying to live down the reputation that his forefathers had gained. He wasn’t a rake and he wouldn’t be “tempted” to bed every woman in sight, unlike his father. In trying to outrun his ancestor’s antics he became a little too pompous, a bit of a stuffed shirt. He was also one of the best revenue officers that the Crown had, shutting down smuggling operations all along the coast. That made his downfall “tempting" to his enemies.

Mary Brown Callahan was a smuggler’s daughter among other things, but she wasn’t a nurse and that was the job she was applying for. It seemed the Marquis of Warrick needed a nurse for his completely out of control daughter, Gabby, and Mary’s father thought Mary should get the job to get back at the Marquis for interfering with his smuggling operation. Once Mary saw the Marquis she was “ tempted” to take the job. Once she met Gabby she was “tempted” to flee the house, but when she heard how much he was willing to pay her she was “tempted” to take the job anyway. The Marquis on the other hand was so “tempted” by Mary’s attitude, appearance and ability to put Gabby in her place that he hired her on the spot, even when he knew that she had no experience as a nurse.

I was “tempted” to read this book straight through, it is that captivating. The story is refreshing and the characters are intriguing. Mary especially was a lark. She was saucy, mouthy, motherly and beautiful all at once. You knew she had to have her “happily ever after”. Alex on the other hand needed to be taken down a notch, at least his opinion of himself. He needed to be true to himself and find something that made him happy. There are more twists and turns in this book than an English garden maze, a kidnapping, a monkey, a mockery of a trial and blessings by the Prince. I highly recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed.

Debbie Olson, December 2003

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