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Some Girls Do
Leanne Banks
ISBN: 0446611727
May 2003
Contemporary Romance

Katie Collins was given a special job by her employer. For a considerable bonus, she was to find a husband for his daughter. His daughter wasn’t incredibly thin, talented or pretty. The men she tends to attract are usually after her father’s money. Katie won’t let any of it get in her way. This bonus could be her ticket to pay for her brother’s special schooling.

At the same time, Katie’s employer also hired Michael Wingate for security purposes. Michael is to make sure that all the men Katie comes up with are going to be worthy. This job is sure to send his security company to the top.

Wilhemina, the bachelorette, has ideas of her own. When Katie tells her a silly fairy tale from her childhood about a Cowboy Knight in Texas, Wilhemina sneaks off to the big state. She decides that the only men available in Philadelphia know her father and their money. She wanted a husband who will want her, not her money. She wanted an adventure. She’s a grown adult, so why not? Maybe fairy tales can come true.

When Katie and Michael discover that Wilhemina was gone, they run off to Texas together to find her. After all, their jobs are at stake. These two matchmakers wound up on an adventure of their own. Katie and Michael were two independent self serving people who didn’t know that they needed someone until they found each other.

I have never laughed so hard from reading a book. It felt so good and refreshing. I giggled and blushed like a school girl…like a virgin. Leanne Banks wrote a little treasure, a good stress reliever. Katie was cute and sassy, and she knew how to use her resources. Michael was incredibly patient for someone who is used to being on his own. Wilhemina was hilarious, and it was fun watching her come out of her shell. I would recommend everyone to pick this one up.

Jennifer C. Ebmeyer, June 2003

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