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Highland Bride
Amanda Scott
ISBN: 0446612669
February 2003
Historical Romance

Barbara McRae has been ordered home to the highlands by her brother. Her journey is interrupted when she is kidnapped and then rescued by a masked swordsman who leaves her with a silver coin and a kiss. The kiss and the man seem to haunt her especially when she learns that she is to marry the wealthy but unexciting Sir Alexander Chisholm.

Barbara is a strong, willful young woman who just canít seem to understand why her strong, manly brother can have such a foppish friend. These traits manage to get her in enough trouble time and time again. Given enough time Alex manages to show both Barbara and his father that might does not always win the day.

HIGHLAND BRIDE combines the tales of Zorro and The Scarlet Pimpernel with the faery world and is also part of a series, which has a secondary storyline running throughout. This secondary story concerns happenings in the faery world, which I found very interesting and entertaining. Amanda Scott has managed to weave the two worlds together yet keep them separate without one overshadowing the other.

So settle yourself down for a trip to the Highlands of Scotland back when chivalry was popular and magic was in the air.

Diane Mason, June 2003

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