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Tall, Dark and Cajun
Sandra Hill
ISBN: 0446612944
July 2003
Contemporary Romance

Sandra Hill has done it again. She has written a laugh-out-loud funny book that begins with a bonfire and heats up from there. Rachel Fortier is a decorator who specializes in Feng Shui. She ends a five-year relationship with a plastic surgeon who gave her exercise equipment for every holiday, birthday and anniversary. He betrays her in a manner she cannot accept, and so she heads to Louisiana to meet her grandmother. She has an image of Tara in her mind, and is shocked to find a bayou shanty, a shotgun-toting granny who chews tobacco, and a cousin with a mullet. She also meets Remy LeDeux who is trying to buy land from her granny. Remy is a helicopter pilot and has a pet alligator named Useless.

The secondary characters are rounded and realistic, the descriptions of the bayou are vivid and the relationship between Rachel and Remy is steamy hot. Remy is proud despite the scars and physical damage he received in Desert Storm. Rachel sees beyond the scars to the sexy man Remy is. He helps her to accept her body as it is. After all, getting a Butt Buster from her fiancé has a negative effect on her body image. Remy and Rachel are a couple you will root for, laugh and cry with. This book is a definite keeper.

Nancy Riggins-Hume, July 2003

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