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The Trouble With Magic
Patricia Rice
ISBN: 0451209478
August 2003

Felicity Malcolm Childe has a gift that she wants to get rid of and will do whatever it takes to find the book that will tell her how. For most of her life this gift has been more of a curse than a blessing. Her gift is the ability to feel what others are feeling. To protect herself Felicity has taken to wearing heavy, protective clothing and always has a family member around her. The final straw is when Felicity touches the man she wants to marry and gets a vision of what she believes is him killing his mother. This sends her and her sister Christina on a trip to Scotland to find the family journal that will tell her how to be rid of this curse. What Felicity doesn’t count on is meeting Ewen Ives.

Ewen Ives is an inventor of some renown and has a dilemma of his own. One of his canal locks has broken and caused a village to be flooded. Ewen is part of a group of investors but he is the only one of the group who is helping to rebuild the flooded village. He has borrowed against everything he owns and the note is coming due soon. He doesn’t have the money to pay the note so his only solution is to marry a wealthy woman who will not tie him down. Ewen has made his decision of who will be the lucky woman when he comes across two runaways who turn out to be his cousins by marriage.

Ewen seems to be the typical younger son. He has a bad boy reputation, draws women like a magnet, and has no responsibilities. He may love the women and they him, but he has a conscious. He feels responsible for the flooded village and is driven to find out what caused his lock gear to fail. Then he takes on the care of his runaway cousins. Along the way he gets to know Felicity and determines to help her with her problem.

Felicity has been very sheltered and has had little contact with the outside world. Ewen seems to be more than she can handle, at least until the day she accidentally touches him and nothing happens. These two people seem to be a very unlikely couple at first but turn out to be perfect for each other.

I found THE TROUBLE WITH MAGIC to be a very enjoyable read. The cast of secondary characters just added to my enjoyment. If you like your historical romance mixed with a magical touch then this is the book for you. I highly recommend it!

Diane Mason, September 2003

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