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Lauren Royal
ISBN: 0451209885
October 2003

Lady Rose Ashcroft is the last unmarried Ashcroft sisters. The brainy beauty will not settle for just any man, even though spinsterhood is fast approaching. She believes it is just as easy to marry a titled man as any other. Kit Martyn is an architect of considerable stature, being commissioned by the King of England for several very important projects. In Kit, Rose sees a man around whom she can be herself. Unfortunately, she does not see him as a potential husband. With the help of her matchmaking mother, Kit is determined to change her mind.

The last of the Ashcroft sisters is given a story full of wit and sensuality, a thoroughly engaging read. Rose and Kit are allowed to be friends first, even if only in Rose’s eyes. This allows the relationship to build slowly and realistically. The scenes of court intrigue and politics are heightened by a book in Rose’s possession, which adds an element of humor to the story. All of this combined with glimpses into the lives of the characters from the first two books of the series makes this an enjoyable read whether this is the first book of the trilogy being read or the last.

Lea Moyer, October 2003

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