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Kathleen Nance
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505524864
June 2003
Paranormal Romance

Welcome back to the land of Kaf where being Minstrel is not just another job. It is the song of the Minstrel that keeps the land in harmony, so when Zayne realizes his songs are causing disturbances in the balance he gets very worried. Believing that his lack of his zaniya is the problem, Zayne performs a divination to see if it would reveal her to him. What is finally revealed is the face of a human woman which confounds Zayne even more. After much consideration Zayne prepares for a visit to Terra (Earth) to find his answers.

Madeline Fairbanks is a woman who has never seen herself as attractive and also has a major case of stage fright which puts her in danger of losing her job unless she can track down her famous stepfather. She really can’t believe her luck when a friend asks her to housesit. There is one catch though, Tildy is expecting a visitor named Zayne.

Sparks fly from the moment Zayne and Madeline first meet. Madeline is very leery of anything to do with magic and Zayne is magic personified. Prepare yourself for a wild ride when they team up to find Madeline’s stepfather and solve the mystery of Zayne’s broken tablet.

SPELLBOUND is a great addition to Kathleen Nance’s djinn series. Filled with twists and turns along with magic and love, SPELLBOUND will leave you feeling like you’ve been put through a wringer but aching for more.

Diane Mason, April 2003

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