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Aphrodite’s Secret
Julie Kenner
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525097
May 2003
Paranormal Romance

APHRODITE’S SECRET is the newest entry in Julie Kenner’s continuing Aphrodite series. It is, however, the first one I’ve read in the series.

APHRODITE’S SECRET is the story of Jason, a protector who is trying to prove himself against what at times seem like insurmountable odds. Lane, the mortal whom Jason has loved both up close and from afar for many years, and their Halfling son Davy.

Jason has been kept prisoner by Outcast, Hieronymous. There are spoilers here that I won’t tell, but let’s suffice it to say that Jason has managed to escape after having missed the first 7 years of Davy’s life. It is now his desire to protect Davy from Heironymous. First he must prove to Lane and her various friends and family that he really does have not only Davy’s best interests in mind, but Lane’s as well.

There are many plot twists along the way, and Ms. Kenner has written a book that at times is comical, at times is suspenseful, but is always for fans of the series a page turner. I myself had difficulty with some of these plot twists, but wondered if I had read the series from the beginning if I would have had a better understanding of the Protector world that Ms. Kenner has created, and that in turn would have bumped up my enjoyment of the book considerably.

Sandi Shilhanek, April 2003

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