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Spellbound in Seattle
Garthia Anderson
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525372
March 2003
Paranormal Romance

Wizards and spells and mayhem! Oh my! Petra Field had more than a mess on her hands. She had magic and blood on her carpet. Vorador comes to her rescue, only to cause more problems than he solves. She is the least magical person he has ever met. He is probably the strongest wizard around. With the help of some very colorful friends and enemies, Petra and Vorador team up to solve the mystery of the bloody area rug and discover something even more mysterious and dangerous: The sparks arching between them.

Garthia Anderson’s debut novel is a delightful blend of magic, wit, and sensuality. Her writing is humorous and descriptive, drawing a tale of Seattle peppered with Wizards and Amazons and the chaos of trying to solve a murder. The only clue they have is a rug first covered in blood and then suffering from a hole into another realm. Vorador is an arrogant man whose weakness, literally, turns out to be Petra, the woman driving him crazy. Petra is a strong, quirky heroine, determined to unravel the Pandemonium that landed in her lap when she bought a rug at a flea market. The plot twists and turns smoothly and quickly, carrying the reader to a satisfying happily ever after.

Lea Moyer, June 2003

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