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The Star Princess
Susan Grant
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525410
August 2003
Paranormal Romance

This third installment of Susan Grantís wonderful Star series find Prince Che Vedla wondering what is wrong with his life. Nothing seems to interest him; his life feels like it has been scripted for him. He certainly isnít interested in hearing about the Bíkah wedding, which is all everyone seems to want to talk about. Then four Vedla councilmen come to him one day demanding that he marry before the crown prince. Che quickly realizes that this may help smooth things over for the man who has become his friend. So he authorizes the councilmen to find him a bride but he wants no part of it and decides to take a vacation on Earth. Incognito.

Ilana Hamilton has just received an invitation to her brotherís wedding and knows this will mean flying to another planet. Unbeknownst to her family Ilana is afraid of flying and she hates the publicity that comes with being a princess. Coming home to find an unfamiliar car parked outside her condo just makes a bad day worse.

The first meeting between Che and Ilana is a hoot. When Che gets out of the car he has rented he is dressed all in black and wearing mirrored, wraparound sunglasses. At 11:00 at night. The first thing that goes through Ilanaís mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.

THE STAR PRINCESS is a fun filled, fast paced tale of two people who have totally opposite outlooks on life. Che is a royal prince, raised with every privilege that life can offer. Ilana has had to deal with a broken home, her mother marrying an alien king, her dorky brother marrying a princess and becoming their stepfathersí heir, and building her own career as a filmmaker. Can she put aside her mistrust of relationships and accept what Che has to offer her? Can Che convince his family that a union between the Vedlaís and the Bíkahís would benefit everyone better than a union with another princess? Needless to say, Che and Ilana face a very rocky road to a happy ending.

I highly recommend THE STAR PRINCESS to everybody. Just make sure you set enough time aside to read it in one sitting cause once you pick it up you wonít want to put it down again.

Diane Mason, August 2003

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