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The Legend of Banzai Maquire
Susan Grant
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525429
April 2004

Bree “Banzai” Maguire is a Captain in the United States Air Force. She flies an F16 out of Kunsan Base. She has a routine mission this morning. The governments of North and South Korea have been trying to negotiate a peace and the pilots fly over Korea right above the border. Banzai has her usual breakfast of a candy bar and Coke before they depart. Her best friend and wingman, Cam “Scarlet” Tucker, is right behind her. This is supposed to be nothing other than a routine mission.

The two of them are in the air. All of a sudden, Banzai’s onboard computer starts telling her they are being targeted. Cam gets hit first and ejects out of her aircraft. Banzai follows shortly thereafter. The first thing Banzai does when she lands, is try to reach Cam over her radio. Cam is in trouble. Banzai heads for the direction she thinks Cam is in and ends up getting captured. It turns out they were captured by a mad scientist and not someone involved in the politicial struggle for Korea. He tells Banzai he is going to put her to sleep and cryogenitically freeze her. He has already done this to Cam.

U.C.E. SEAL commander Ty Armstrong, son of the UCE military leader, is a treasure hunter at heart. Ever since he saw a picture of Banzai Maguire in a history book, he has dreamed of her. Now, he actually has a map of where she might be. He manages to get to the lab, which is now underwater, and finds the pod holding Banzai. He looks around for Cam, but can’t find anything. He starts to resusitate her, and ends up being captured. His father is not going to be pleased about this. Ty ends up being a “guest” in Kyber Han’s dungeons.

When Banzai wakes up, she doesn’t believe it’s one hundred and seventy years in the future. Eventually, she realizes the truth. Kyber tells her she is his guest and he is the ruler of the Asian Kingdom. He offers her a life of security and comfort.

Will Banzai ever adjust? What of Kyber? What is he really after? What of Ty? Will he ever get out of the dungeon? Will Banzai ever find Cam?

Susan Grant has done a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for the 2176 Series with THE LEGEND OF BANZAI MAGUIRE. We get to learn about the time period and all the technological changes along with Banzai as she tries to adjust. The characters are all wonderfully depicted. I really love how Kyber was portrayed, caring, self-absorbed and you’re never really sure just what he has up his sleeve. Banzai is a wonderfully strong woman, true to her convictions and her friends. She just won’t give up on finding Cam. I just can’t wait for the rest of the series! I have to find out if Banzai eventually does find Cam.

Chere Gruver, May 2004

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