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Sex and the Single Vampire
Katie MacAlister
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525542
March 2004
Paranormal Romance

Allegra ďAllieĒ Telford is using her own funds in London. She works for UPRA as a Summoner, one who summons ghosts and, hopefully, releases them to the next level. So far, she hasnít managed to summon a single ghost. And since she hasnít managed to summon a ghost, her job is on the line. Either she produce one, or sheís out of UPRA, according to her boss anyway. Since she has a while before her meeting with a member of SIP, or Society for the Investigation of the Paranormal, UPRAís Londonís sister organization, she decides to try a summoning. Her hotel room is supposed to be haunted and it canít hurt to try. This time, she decides to use dead manís ash to help. The ash ends up making her sneeze. When she looks in the circle sheís drawn, she sees a ghost. Of course, itís not human, itís a three-legged cat. Allie decides a cat is better than nothing and takes all her readings on it. Then she runs out for her meeting. It turns out her contact is in a rush to get to a mass summoning being held by Guarda White, a very well-known psychic, so Allie tells him to go and sheíll lock up.

As Allie is walking through the house, she gets a feeling of someone dark in the basement. She forces herself to go down there and finds a man with hundreds of cuts over himself. He wants her to leave, she tries to help him. Finally, they hear voices and Allie leaves. The next evening, Allie goes to a book signing she promised her friend she would attend. The author turns out to be the man from the basement, Christian Dante! Allie ends up sensing someone is going to harm Christian and she goes limping to help. Allie had a broken leg which healed badly, resulting in a limp. It turns out a woman in line had a gun and was going to shot Christian! She also meets two women at the book signing, Roxy and Joy. These two are convinced she is Christianís Beloved, with a capital B. She agrees to have tea with them the next day.

After the Police finish with everyone and Allie goes to back to her hotel room. She finds Christian waiting for her. The attraction is instantaneous between them, but Allie wants nothing to do with the arrogant Christian. She was abused by her dead husband and will not allow herself to be under any manís thumb ever again. Christian wants Allieís help. It turns out his friend was kidnapped by someone and Christian intends to rescue him.

What happens when you combine an arrogant Vampire, or Dark One, as he prefers to be called, with a very independent stubborn woman? Add in some zany friends, a ghost or three just to spice things up and you have a very entertaining read. Will Christian be able to rescue Sebastian? Is Allie Christianís Beloved? Will she decide to Join with him? And what does Guarda White have to do with all this?

SEX AND THE SINGLE VAMPIRE is one of the most entertaining vampire reads I have ever read. It is simply so funny at times, you canít help but laugh out loud. I really love the way Esme kept popping up at the most inopportune times as well. Katie MacAlister has a talent for combining humor and sizzling attraction in a such a way, you canít help but love her stories. If you like vampires and humor, donít miss this book. Even if you donít like vampires and humor, donít miss this one. Itís one of the best books Iíve read in a long time.

Chere Gruver, May 2004

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