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Kissing Frogs
by Laura Marie Altom
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525682
January 2004
Paranormal Romance

Lucy Gordon is a biologist, just like her father. Unlike her father, she never discovered any new species of frogs and isn’t rich and famous. The one time she thought she had, it turned out to be a species her father already discovered. Not to mention, she totally embarrassed herself in front of the World Biology Council. All she ever wanted was her father’s respect and she totally blew that too. Her father doesn’t even think she’s pretty. She’s too plump. So now, she’s a biology teacher in a private school in Wales. At least her boyfriend is a Duke.

After having another run-in with the head of the school, Lucy is on her way home. She lives in a cottage on the Duke’s land. She’s driving along and a frog jumps in front of her mini. She stops to get the frog out of the way and when she picks him up, she can’t believe it! She’s never seen a frog like this before! She’s finally discovered her new species of frog and right here in Wales! She’s so excited; she gives the frog a big kiss. Next thing you know, there’s a naked 200-pound man on top of her. The man introduces himself as Wolfe, Prince of Gwyneddor, and he tells her he’s ready to hear her declare her undying devotion to him.

Eventually, Lucy comes to believe Wolfe really was the Prince of Gwyneddor a thousand years ago and that he was turned into a frog because he wouldn’t marry the sorceress’s daughter. Of course, he’s also drop-dead gorgeous and bent on seducing her so she will profess her undying love for him. That’s the only way he can be released from the curse. If Lucy won’t do this, he will turn back into a frog at the next full moon.

Lucy knows she can have everything she’s ever wanted if only Wolfe will turn back to the frog. The only problem is, Lucy has come to care for Wolfe. Will she really be able to condemn him to live as a frog for eternity?

This is a wonderfully written, humorous version of the “kiss the frog and turn him into a Prince” fairytale. The characters are all richly portrayed. I really love Wolfe’s reaction to peanut butter and jam and the bathtub, and especially chocolate. I really loved the nosy neighbor and how she kept spying on Lucy and then reporting everything to the Duke and how she gets her comeuppance in the end. This story isn’t all humor though, as Lucy is forced to look within herself and decide what’s really important to her. If you like modern re-tellings of the old fairytales, I highly recommend Laura Marie Altom’s Kissing Frogs.

Chere Gruver, December 2003

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