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Key of Light
by Nora Roberts
ISBN: 051513628X
November 2003
Contemporary Romance

Three very different women receive an invitation to Warrior’s Peak. They are the only three invited. The first one is Malory Price, blonde, blue-eyed, manager of an art gallery. Malory is totally organized and her life is going according to her life plan. The only problem on her horizon is her job, and the fact that she might be losing it. Of course, calling the owner’s wife a bimbo to her face probably wasn’t a good idea. The second woman invited is Dana Steele. Dana is a librarian. She loves books to the point of having books in her pantry. Dana’s hours have been cut to twenty-five a week. The third woman is Zoe McCourt. Zoe is a single mother and just lost her job as a hairdresser.

The three women meet their host and hostess, Pitte and Rowena. Pitte tells them a story of a Celtic God that falls in love with a mortal woman. The God decided to bring the woman behind the Curtain of Mist and make her his Queen. They have three daughters, demi-goddesses. Some of the other Gods weren’t very happy with a mortal Queen. Kane decided to take matters into his own hands and stole the souls of the King’s daughters. He locked the souls in a glass box and set a spell on it so only three mortal women could unlock the box. They are the three women chosen to find the keys and unlock the box containing the daughter’s souls. Pitte offers them $25,000 just to accept the mission. Since all three of them could use the money, they agree.

The three of them decide to go to Dana’s brother’s house for a strategy session. There’s an instant attraction between Malory and Flynn, Dana’s brother. Now the fun begins as Malory, with the help of Dana and Zoe, sets off to find her key. She ends up getting fired from her job and trying to deal with her attraction to Flynn and his dog Moe.

Nora Roberts has always been one of my favorite authors and she definitely doesn’t disappoint with this one. This is a wonderful story of love, friendship and magic. All three of these women are very different from each other, but they are all very strong. This story in the trilogy deals mainly with Malory and the search for her key and what she all learns about herself during the search. The characters are all very believable as they all band together to find the key. I can’t wait for the next story in the trilogy. If you like Nora Roberts, don’t pass this one by.

Chere Gruver, December 2003

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