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Key Of Knowledge
by Nora Roberts
ISBN: 0515136379
December 2003
Paranormal Romance

We pick up our story with the search for the second key. Since Malory’s search is over, it’s between Dana and Zoe this time. Once again, Dana and Zoe decide to flip over their tiles simultaneously. This time, it’s Dana’s turn to search for the key. Dana knows Malory and Zoe will be behind her, as well as her brother Flynn and his two friends, Jordan and Brad.

While she’s at the library one day, she decides she’s had enough and quits. Ever since management changed at the library, her hours have been cut and it’s no longer a pleasant place to work. At least now, she can devote more time to the building the three women decided to buy and put their own businesses in. Malory is going to have an arts and crafts store, Dana will have a bookstore and Zoe will open her own salon. The three of them have become very close in the time they’ve known each other. They work well together and decided to take the leap of faith and go into business together. Malory and Flynn are an item now.

Dana still has a thing for Jordan, even though he dumped her after his mother died. He just picked up and left. He didn’t even tell her he was planning on leaving. She showed up at his house one day to find him packing. He told her it was over and he was leaving. She’s never forgiven him for doing that to her. Of course, Jordan is quite the author and Dana has read everything he’s ever written. So now, Dana is not only working like a dog at her building, she’s also trying to deny her feelings for Jordan and trying to find her key as well.

Nora Roberts once again proves her success is justified with Key of Knowledge. I absolutely love the way Dana is described in this story, strong, capable and has a love of reading that won’t quit. And I really enjoyed the way Malory proved her friendship to Dana by forcing Dana to confront her past heartache. The story will keep you enthralled from the beginning to the very end and leave you begging for the next installment. I definitely recommend this series to all lovers of Nora Roberts.

Chere Gruver, December 2003

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