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Key of Valor
Nora Roberts
ISBN: 0515136530
January 2004
Paranormal Romance

In the concluding story of this series, it’s all up to Zoe. Since Malory and Dana were both successful in their quests, Zoe is really beginning to feel the pressure. Once again, the six friends all meet at Warrior’s Peak for dinner. This time, Zoe brings her son with her. After dinner, she gets her clue. Naturally, it’s just as cryptic as the first two. Zoe’s is about paths and blood and choices.

This time around, Zoe has it a bit easier. She has the information learned during the first two quests and can see a pattern unfolding. Of course, Simon is Zoe’s first concern. Rowena and Pitte have already ensured his safety. Then there’s still Indulgence to worry about, the combined businesses of the three women. The men are pitching in and helping as well. Every time Zoe walks into the house, she can’t believe the progress they have made.

Since Zoe’s clue is about paths and choices, Zoe decides to go over all the different choices she’s made in her life. Of course, Kane isn’t going to just sit back without interfering. There’s also the deepening attraction between Zoe and Brad to be dealt with. Zoe knows the more she cares about Brad, the more danger he will be in, which brings all her protectiveness out. The pressure of all this is starting to get to her as well.

I have to admit, KEY OF VALOR is my favorite of this series. This story is the most touching of the three. Zoe proves she has courage in abundance. She’s raised a son by herself and managed to make a wonderful life for the two of them. The ending of this story just makes the whole series. We immediately become caught up in Zoe’s quest and learn more about the type of person she is as she relives all the different choices in her life. Of course, she has her friends with her the whole way. Nora Roberts engages and delights the reader throughout the entire trilogy as we join three very different women on their quests for the keys. I cannot recommend this series highly enough!!

Chere Gruver, March 2004

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