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Silent Surrender
Katherine O’Neal
ISBN: 0553581244
June 2003
Historical Romance

Liana Wycliffe was an actress in Paris, 1916, where she first discovered moving pictures. At the viewing of her first silent film, she met a mysterious American fighter pilot who was just as fascinated as she. Spending most of her time with this man, who she only knows by the name ‘Ace’, she believes him to be her soul mate. With her love for him, she gives herself. The next day, he leaves without a word…only a note saying that it was over.

Spencer Sloan became the most famous movie director. He was determined to make a movie about a woman he once knew, but the only person he believed that could play her is Liana. Without Liana, he will do without his film. He was determined to have her play the leading role, so he searched everywhere for her.

Liana refused him immediately when she recognized the renowned director as Ace, the man who broke her heart four years ago in Paris. Sloan was too persistent. She found a way to give in to him and benefit from it at the same time. Her plans change as her feelings for him become more evident.

They film in Tahiti, otherwise known as the Island of Love. Working so closely together, they discover it’s hard to stay apart. They find it impossible to avoid falling under the spell cast by the spirit of Tahiti.

I found this book difficult to read. Very much like a true-to-life, emotional abusive relationship, the first part of the book was just too heavy on the heart. Too many times I caught myself reading the words just to move forward without actually being in the story. Perhaps, by detaching myself from the story, I was protecting myself from the pain.

Sloan was a little hard to swallow. For the larger part of the book he insisted on everything being his way without compromise. He had his own ideas on how everything should be. He had no comprehension of other people’s ideas and opinions. As far as he was concerned, his was the only in existence. He was completely wrong about everyone throughout his entire life. Then Liana confronted him with his idealistic demands and presented him with compelling evidence proving his misconceptions about everyone. His reaction was easily in agreement with her. Then he asked her if she would help him change. Well…I didn’t buy it. It was too easy. He went from alpha to beta in half a page. I missed the anger and resentment that comes with feeling foolish. His reaction just didn’t seem to fit with his character.

Liana was an instigator from the start. She was always doing the most outrageous things to get what she wanted. She played games with Sloan when he pursued her. He deserved it, though. He wouldn’t accept her rejections, so he had it coming. I really started enjoying this book when the two of them teamed up together with these dangerous games. Liana was given the opportunity to express herself on the same level, or even above Spencer. I enjoyed her playfulness and her courage. If I could use a motto to help describe Liana, it would be, “If life gives you a lemon, then make lemonade with the most brazen excitement that you could conjure.”

Jennifer Ebmeyer, July 2003

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