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Never Trust a Lady
Suzanne Robinson
ISBN: 0553584235
August 2003
Historical Romance

The United States is on the verge of Civil War and Ryder Drake is working with President Lincoln to secure the Union. With spies located throughout the Confederate states, Ryder learns that the enemy is plotting the assassination of someone in the British cabinet and setting up a Unionist to take the blame for it. In order to stop the assassination, Ryder must get in tight with someone who has British connections, and Lady Eva Sparrow is just the person to fill the position.

Lady Eva Sparrow just happened to be in Washington when Ryder Drake was instructed to find a way into Britainís high society. Drake didnít want a woman to have any part of his spy business, nor did he want to have to deal with her silly dalliances. When Eva was introduced to Ryder, she didnít care to help him no matter what. She found him arrogant and chauvinistic. When she realized that helping him was the only way to help the greater good, she follows him, just to find him meeting with one of his spies. Now that she knows about the planned assassin, she insists on being involved every step of the way.

Once they reach London, all they have to do is throw parties, go to parties and listen to the gossip. Surely the clues will come together to lead them to the assassin and save whoever they plan to kill. It was quite convenient that Ryderís cousin and friend showed up in London about the same time as him. Also, quite a few southern supporters arrived in London as well. Now the only problem is to find out who the shooter is and who the target will be.

Just the right combination of mystery and history to keep my interest, NEVER TRUST A LADY was a roller coaster when it came to romance. The tension would grow between Eva and Ryder, then it would disappear for awhile. I loved the bantering between them when they were together. Their big first kiss was sizzling hot! They just werenít together often enough, and I missed them growing close to each other.

The ramblings from Evaís elderly aunt brought a little humor to the story. I also enjoyed the scenes with the queen Öbut I wonít spoil that for you. A little humor canít hurt the dark times of the American Civil War, and Iím always ready for a book that can make me laugh out loud Ölike this one did!

Jennifer Ebmeyer, August 2003

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