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The Survivors Club
Lisa Gardner
ISBN: 0553584510
May 2003
Romantic Suspense

Meg Pesaturo, Carol Rosen and Jillian Hayes were each a victim of the College Hill Rapist. Jillian was the last one to be attacked by him. She walked in on him when she went to her sister’s apartment. Unfortunately, her sister did not survive the attack. Jillian not only survived the attack, but she was angry. Down right mad! This anger is what drove her to contact the other two survivors, Meg and Carol and form THE SURVIVORS CLUB. During their meetings they discussed justice and rights. It took them little time to find the connections needed to help the Providence city Police nail the man responsible.

During the twelve months after the brutal rape and death of Jillian’s sister, the members of The Survivors Club received threatening phone calls and letters from Eddie Como, the suspected serial rapist. On the day of his trial, he was murdered outside the courthouse by a sniper. The shooter was then killed by a car bomb. The Survivors Club members are the number one suspects.

Sergeant Roan Griffin of the Rhode Island state police is on his first day back from an 18 month long leave when he is thrown into the case of solving the murder of Eddie Como. While working with the lead detective in the College Hill Rape investigation, he finds himself investigating Meg, Carol, and Jillian. New evidence surfaces casting doubt on Eddie’s guilt, and, on the very night after he died, another rape and murder occurs. Was Eddie really innocent? Is the College Hill Rapist still out there? All evidence from the latest crime points to a dead man.

Lisa Gardner was brilliant in writing THE SURVIVORS CLUB! This book was well written, and well researched. It was compelling and emotional. I believe the story was more about the strength and perseverance of the women, and their coping and healing rather than being about the mystery of the College Hill Rapist. Although the suspense of putting the puzzle together was a key driving force in the story, I felt a close bond to the three members of the club and I believe that is what made the book work for me.

Jennifer C. Ebmeyer, June 2003

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