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Fountain of Dreams
Josie Litton
ISBN: 0553585835
July 2003
Historical Romance

Niels Wolfson came to England to investigate the bombing of a US Navy vessel. All he had to go on was a sketch of a man seen planting the bombs and the knowledge that an Akoran Prince was present. With the help of his brother, Shadow, Niels wormed his way into the Akoran family by kidnapping and then staging the rescue of Princess Amelia. He had no idea that he was the one who was captured…by the princess.

Amelia Darcourt, Princess of Akora, has turned away many suitors. She has no interest in marriage and giving up her independence. At the age of 25, some might even say she was a spinster. It was the night she was taken from her bed, when everything changed for Amelia. With a very strong will, she was capable of escaping on her own, but needed assistance in getting back home. It was raining and it was dark in the middle of nowhere when an American came upon her on his horse.

Amelia and Niels had no self control around each other and the passion so easily overcame them both. Unfortunately, Niels’ purpose for being in England must be tended to, and it appears that Amelia’s family is the perpetrators. If this is true, then the United States and Akora will come to war forcing Amelia and Niels to become enemies.

I found FOUNTAIN OF DREAMS to be a fast-paced, exhilarating story packed with page turning adventure. Amelia is courageous and determined. When her mind is set on something, nothing will cause her to shy away. Niels battles with his emotions so faithfully that it was impossible not to pity him.

There were a couple scenes in the story that I felt a little left out of. Litton is a wonderful story teller, but from time to time, failed to bring it to life. I missed out on the character’s experiences and emotions. I don’t feel this throughout the whole entire book, however. It was only a couple of scenes I felt the author could have either shocked or excited me by drawing me in and putting me inside the mind of the character, rather than just telling me what happens.

This is a story where the hero and the heroine take turns repeatedly rescuing each other making them destined to be together against all odds. I highly recommend it and I will be picking up her next book, FOUNTAIN OF SECRETS.

Jennifer Ebmeyer, July 2003

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