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Fountain of Secrets
Josie Litton
ISBN: 0553585843
August 2003
Historical Romance

Persephone was raised by her mother alone on the island of Deimatos near Akora. When Persephone’s mother died, she continued to live on the island alone believing that she would never really fit in on Akora. Her sixth sense led her to believe that the islands are changing and everyone’s lives are about to be disrupted. When a stranger showed up at her home poking around, she began to realize that someone else shared her suspicions.

Gavin Hawkforte is the son of an English Earl. His duty lies in England, and that is where his future should be. Hawkforte is also the son of an Akoran princess, and can’t forget about the land where he was born. When Gavin found that there were changes in the land and hot spots under the palace in the caves, he started a research project on Akora. He did measurements of the land and compared them to documents from a century ago to note the changes.

Gavin was torn between his duty at Hawkforte and his passion with Akora. He soon felt a duty to Akora when the threat was evident while the Vanax was not present. He came to the conclusion that the volcano that tore up the lands thousands of years ago was about to erupt, and he must find a way to convince everyone to be prepared. In the midst of his studies, he found Persephone, and together they helped prepare the people of Akora and surrounding islands of this impending doom.

Be extra careful when you pick up this book, because it is Hot! Hot! Hot! And not just from the agitated volcano! Litton did an astonishing job with the second book in her Fountain series. This is another fast paced action packed novel that will have you holding your breath with the suspense.

Persephone was a bit under cultured, but strong-willed and determined. Plus Sida, the head servant of the palace, was good at helping her with her hair . Sida’s fussing with them was a refreshing break from the tension and the darkness of the story.

Now on to number three, Fountain of Fire!

Jennifer Ebmeyer, August 2003

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