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The Seducer
Madeline Hunter
ISBN: 0553585894
October 2003

Daniel St. John is a man bent on revenge, a solitary man. Until Diane Albret forces him to acknowledge her presence in more than a passing manner. Under the guise of helping establish her as a governess, Daniel realizes she will be the perfect instrument for his plans. He does not anticipate the awareness that grows between them or the feelings she stirs, emotions he thought long dead. His long suppressed desires threaten his even longer held hatred for one man. Now he must decide if his love for Diane can co-exist with his animosity, and if not, which one will he choose.

Fans of Regency era historicals have a new writer to adore now that medieval author Madeline Hunter has turned her considerable talents to telling tales set in early nineteenth century England. Her well-developed characters and tightly plotted story line are a joy to read. She reveals her characters and her plot in bits and pieces, forcing the reader to continue reading to learn more, to learn the truth behind the actions driving the hero. The budding sexual tension builds until it leaves the reader breathless. This first book in a series of books is not to be missed.

Lea Moyer, October 2003

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