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The Saint
Madeline Hunter
ISBN: 0553585908
November 2003

Vergil Duclairc, Viscount Laclere, is wholly unprepared for his ward, Bianca Kenwood. Newly arrived from America, Bianca is anything but biddable and demure. She fights Vergil at every turn, determined to achieve her goal of studying voice in Italy. Vergil is determined to marry her to his brother, thereby gaining her dowry and relieving himself of the responsibility. Both of their plans change, however, when they realize that the tension and animosity flaring between them is only a mask for something far more powerful and dangerous.

Madeline Hunter introduced Vergil Duclairc to readers in the first book in this exciting new series. Now, five years later, he has his hands full taming his ward. Madeline Hunter’s talent for sculpting rich, believable characters with words is again on display in her latest offering. A strong plot sweeps the hero and heroine along as they struggle with their relationship. This tightly plotted and detailed story keeps the reader turning pages, unable to skip so much as a word, because she delivers so much on each and every page. With memorable lines, she builds the sexual tension to the bursting point, her characters swept away by something bigger than themselves. This story is another winner from this award-winning author.

Lea Moyer, October 2003

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