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7 Days and 7 Nights
Wendy Wax
ISBN: 0553586130
July 2003
Contemporary Romance

7 DAYS and 7 NIGHTS by author Wendy Wax takes a look at the perilous world of relationships, and dating. Ms. Wax has created rival radio personalities who are on opposite sides of the relationship issue, and this becomes quite clear in the advice they give their different listeners.

Dr. Olivia Moore’s show is geared to the women of Atlanta, and she offers advice in standing up for themselves in their relationships, and working on being equal partners in those relationships. Matt Ransom’s show is geared to the men of Atlanta and while he prefers to expound on sports and other interests to men he finds himself thrown into a relationship discussion with one of his listeners, but his advice is how to stay away from a committed relationship.

Unfortunately Matt and Olivia have been given bad news. There is not enough money in the budget to support both their shows. To decide who is staying and who is going the new publicity director, Charles Crankower has devised a plan. He plans on locking the two personalities in a small apartment for a week, and not only doing their shows from the location, but allowing listeners to see what’s happening by having a web cam installed.

As the week progresses and the remote works better than Crankower anticipated he devises a plan to use it to for his own personal gain. Crankower’s plot has thrown both the lives of Matt and Olivia into a public forum that neither really ever anticipated nor really wanted.

While I enjoyed the book I didn’t really ever feel true chemistry between Matt and Olivia. I found myself looking more forward to the ongoing relationship problems between Jobeth and Dawg. They are the couple that Matt and Olivia find themselves battling over on the airwaves. I was glad to see that their story was fully resolved as well as Matt and Olivia’s story. Ms. Wax has written a story worth reading, but not for the reader who likes a spicier story. Those readers looking for a fun beach read I do not think will be disappointed.

Sandi Shilhanek, July 2003

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