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Dead Aim
Iris Johansen
ISBN: 0553802461
April 2003
Romantic Suspense

Iris Johansenís new book DEAD AIM is an intense book. The plot revolves around unraveling the mystery surrounding the collapse of Arapahoe Dam. Alex Graham respected photo journalist is there taking pictures, and trying to aid the rescue operation as best she can. Also at the search and rescue site is Sarah Logan and her dog Monty.

Alex decides that the time has come that she must get serious about finishing the photos for her deadline, and has managed to convince a helicopter pilot to fly her to a different section of the dam for some better overall pictures of the damage and the rescue. As the helicopter is coming back to get her an incident that Alex can never imagine witnessing occurs. This puts her and her friend Sarah into untold danger.

Sarahís husband Logan has manipulated Alex to hopefully keep Alex safe, but for sure to keep Sarah safe. As the story unfolds Alex is manipulated in untold ways. It takes her awhile to fight back, and rebel against the manipulation. Soon she is involved up to her pretty little neck, and a key player in resolving what could truly be a frightful situation for the United States.

Ms. Johansen has written a book that I consider being close to a spy thriller. Are there really people in high governmental positions that are doing the things Ms. Johansenís characters do? This book makes a person wonder and think. I also didnít really see any romance in this book, and didnít feel the chemistry between Alex, and mercenary Judd Morgan.

This is the first book by Iris Johansen that Iíve read. I do enjoy romantic suspense, and hope that the other books I have by her in my pile are a bit more on the romance side.

Sandi Shilhanek, June 2003

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