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Late for the Wedding
Amanda Quick
ISBN: 0553802712
May 2003
Historical Romance

Regency England Dynamic Duo are back in LATE FOR THE WEDDING by Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz). In the latest installment Private Investigators and lovers Lavinia Lake and Tobias March are trying to get away from their busy schedule for personal time when a series of events change their path They must solve the mystery of The Memento-Man Ring Murder, which is coming close to home when a woman from Tobias's past reappears with frightening information.

Ms. Quick once again has secondary characters that are very, very well developed and compliment the current story and leave an opening for future tales. A thrilling and well thought plot and tickle your ribs humor makes LATE FOR THE WEDDING a must read.

The author's ability to engage you in her tale made this a wonderful read for me. I sit down to read it and did not move until the book was finished. I would advise that the earlier titles be read prior to this one (SLIGHTLY SHADY first, then DONíT LOOK BACK) as this is an ongoing series. You will miss out on the development of Lavinia and Tobias relationship if they are not read in order.

Kristie Elliott, July 2003

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