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The Spy Who Loves Me
Julie Kenner
ISBN: 0743446054
April 2004

Phineus Teague, code named Python, only in his wildest dreams. Finn is a boring lawyer and a wanna be spy and this may just be the day that his wildest dreams come true. He is fascinated by his new neighbor, the very sexy Diana Traynor, the ultimate California bimbo. She isnít quite what she appears. His neighbor Diana, with a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, is teamed up with Drake Mackenzie to take control of a satellite that is capable of destroying anything with its laser. And Finn has decided it would be fun to follow her when she leaves her apartment.

Amber Robinson is another of Finnís neighbors; she has lived next door to him for five days and he has never really noticed her. She is always in baggy sweat pants and a baseball cap . Once again looks are deceiving, for Amber is a agent for Unit 7 a shadowy government organization barely recognized by the government. She is also supposed to be watching Diana and since Finn is watching Diana, Amber is watching Finn watch Diana. Amber decides she is going to have to get close to Finn... very close indeed. Finn is going find himself right in the middle of all this and just might have to help prevent WW III.

The Spy Who Loves Me is action packed and touching all at the same time. Julie Kenner keeps the story rolling along at a lively pace with the many adventures Finn and Amber manage to find themselves in. A near drowning, a little C-4 in a fountain pen, getting pitched out of a plane without a parachute, itís all in a day work for agent Amber Robinson. Then there are the softer issues, the needs that only Finn can meet. The rock steady, ďIíll always be here for you no matter what kind of scrapes you get us intoĒ dependability that Amber needs and Finn unflinchingly provides. If you are looking for an action packed novel, where the heroine is the tough guy, this is the book for you.

Debbie Olson, May 2004

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