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Highlander Unbound
Julia London
Pocket Books
ISBN: 0743465067
February 2004
Historical Romance

Liam Lockhart is a Captain in the Highland Regiment. On leave, he takes it upon himself to venture from the Scottish Highlands to London to retrieve a beastie stolen by the English branch of the Lockhart family. He plans to sell the object for money his family desperately needs. While in London, he makes the acquaintance of Ellen Farnsworth, the daughter of the man he rents rooms from. Ellen and her young daughter Natalie quickly occupy as much of his time as the hunt for the beastie. Ellen and Natalie are quickly enamored of the Scot, something Ellen can ill afford. She has been a virtual prisoner and outcast since a doomed affair led to Natalie’s birth. Circumstances force her to steal the beastie from Liam. Can he ever forgive her for the betrayal?

Julia London kicks off her Lockhart Trilogy in stunning fashion with Liam and Ellen’s story. Liam is wonderfully quirky. A soldier through and through, he struggles with the social niceties required in London and with a gently bred woman. There is humor throughout as a result. His tenderness with Natalie, in spite of the fact that he has no real idea what to do with her, only adds to his appeal. Ellen has lived a rough life since her fall from grace. Yet she does not whine or complain about her situation. She merely seeks to make the best of things for herself and especially her daughter. The best part of the book comes when Liam and Ellen are at odds with each other after she steals the beastie from him. The sexual sparks and banter fly as Liam stays on her trail to retrieve the object. With wonderful characters, strong sexual tension, and a swiftly moving plot, Julia London’s Highlander Unbound is not to be missed.

Lea Moyer, March 2004

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