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Twilight Before Christmas
Christine Feehan
ISBN: 074347628X
December 2003
Romantic Suspense

Matthew Granite was a decorated U.S. Army Ranger, had been in the service for years and running covert missions where his life depended on his physical skills and cool demeanor. Put him anywhere near Kate Drake and all that went out the window and accidents tended to happen. Every time he sees her his vehicle ends up being wrecked. Kate is the one for him but he’s never found the right opportunity to tell her. Now she’s back.

After years of traveling Kate Drake has come home to stay. She’s bought the old mill with plans of renovating it into a bookstore and coffee shop. The house, she plans to modernize so she can live in it. She just needs to find someone to do it for her. Who better than Matthew Granite, whose family is in the construction business. One thing stands in their way. Something evil has been let loose over the town and Kate and her sisters have to find a way to stop it before it can destroy everything.

I found Matt and his Katie to be a very likeable couple. They each are successful, good looking people who seem to have it all but deep inside they are full of insecurities. Matt feels he’s not good enough for someone like Kate and Kate feels that she doesn’t have it in her to be what Matt needs. There are other issues for them to work out, especially Kate with her magical abilities. Ms. Feehan does a wonderful job blending everything together in such a way that will leave you satisfied but craving more.

Christine Feehan is a master of building worlds with characters so intriguing you won’t want to leave them. TWILIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS sizzles so much you will need potholders to pick it up with. The tension, sexual and otherwise, will keep you on the edge of your chair. This is one book that you will definitely want to read in one sitting. Once you start you won’t be able to stop. I for one can’t wait for the next book in the series.

Diane Mason, September 2003

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