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What Goes Around
Alexandra Carew
ISBN: 0758204345
August 2003

Cat (Catherine) Wellesley is a modern British woman who is looking for the meaning of her life. She was on top of her world of Channel production for a British/Japanese television network in Hong Kong when her “karmic destiny” caught up with her and she left to begin again back in England. She is now broke, ready to lose her apartment and “temping” as a secretary at a bank, still trying to break back into broadcasting. Having decided her boss, Dominic Pryce, is her destiny, she goes after him with everything she’s got. Leaving that story at that point, we are transported back 3 years to Cat’s start in Hong Kong and learn about the rise and fall of her fortunes there, including a boss who is totally out of control and a relationship with a hunky technician who has a 4 year relationship with a girl back home in England. She is totally convinced that she can control her boss and that she can replace the girlfriend, even though her hunk keeps going off on vacations around the world with said girlfriend.

When the end of the job and the relationship coincide and Cat returns to England to nurse her wounds, we are transported back to the present to see her in a relationship with Dominic, who is separated but in love, not with his wife, but with another co-worker, who is engaged to another man. Dominic doesn’t mind using Cat to distract himself both from his failed relationship with his wife and his hopeless infatuation with the co-worker though, at least temporarily. Throughout this story is Cat’s belief in destiny and in the “Universe” sending her messages about what to do next. However, she spends most of the time twisting the messages she receives from tarot, palm reading, fortunetellers and meditation to fit into the future she wants for herself. Thankfully, the Universe finally puts her on the right track and the book ends with her realizing that she is finally on the right road toward her true destiny.

While reading this book, I was often frustrated with Cat’s reasoning and her refusal to actually look at what she was doing to her life by continually repeating past mistakes. If you like the type of book where the right girl meets the right boy early in the story, this is probably not the book for you. If, however, you like to follow the right girl kissing several toads before finding the right boy, give this book a read. Either way, this is MOST DEFINITELY a modern love story with a very strong Brit flavor.

Marcia Corbett, October 2003

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