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The Wilde One
(Bad Boys To Go)
Janelle Denison
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0758205511
November 2003
Contemporary Romance

Adrian Wilde is being pursued relentlessly by Chayse Douglas and she's not about to let him off the hook, no matter how many times he says no. He has his reasons why he's not about to pose for a beefcake calendar, even if it's for a good cause. Chayse will just have to take no for an answer, this time.

Chayse isn't about to take no for an answer and dogs Adrian's every step, taking every opportunity to convince him that she needs him and no one else to make the calendar a success. And she's not going to stop until he caves in and agrees. He can run all he wants but she has every intention of catching him and getting the photographs she wants. It's not every day a specimen like Adrian comes along, with his toned, hard athletic body. A body Chayse finds herself admiring way too much.

With a little help from Adrian's cousin, Mia, Chayse tracks him down at Nick's Sports bar and precedes with her usual speech as to why she has to have him for her Outdoor Men calendar. Setting aside the fierce attraction that grabs a hold of him every time Chayse is near, Adrian once again turns her down flat. That doesn't stop him from coming to her rescue when an over zealous guy gets a little too personal with Chayse on the dance floor, causing him to stake a claim that's anything but real, no matter how much he'd like to get up close and personal himself. But when Chayse questions his risk-taking reputation, in another attempt to get what she wants, Adrian shows her just how risky he can be by giving into the attraction he feels for Chayse. Stunned, Chayse is left breathless and with a challenge to answer herself when Adrian issues one of his own. He agrees to give her the pictures she wants if she'll spend the weekend with him up at his cabin, where they can finish what they just started. To stunned by the force of her attraction Chayse backs down and is the one to say no this time, until later, when she has a change of heart and shows up at Adrian's cabin ready to give Adrian what he wants, and herself too. Things get hot and heavy in their weekend tryst, with some very sensual scenes, and Adrian finally opens up to Chayse and reveals why he's camera shy.

Get your fans out ladies, you're in for the third installment of the Wilde Series and an equally hot one. Janelle's done it again with a melt-in-a-puddle hero who knows how to seduce and make you squirm. Fantasies are revealed and fulfilled in pulse pounding erotic scene after erotic scene. And our bad boy is in top form! Adrian and Chayse are two strong characters who know how to go after what they want and are aggressive about getting it. Always true to form, Janelle is a master at placing you in a scene so you feel every touch, every look, every emotion. You won't be able to turn the pages fast enough in yet another winner that keeps Ms. Denison on top.

Barb Hoeter, May 2003

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