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Bad Boys Online
Erin McCarthy
ISBN: 0758205937
September 2003
Contemporary Romance

The first title in this anthology HARD DRIVE is Kindra Hill and Mack Stone's story. Kindra is caught in a "safe and cleaner" cyber affair by co-worker Mack. Mack, believing he can change her mind, sets out to show her just how enjoyable a real affair can be. Passion and pleasure are Mack's objectives. Of course, Mack doesn't realize he is the one headed for a fall.

The second title PRESS ANY KEY belongs to Candy Appleton and Jared Kincaid. Candy and Jared's boss refuses to lose an account due to them not being able to work together so he forces them into a Couple's Counseling Session. Jared already knows he is way too hot for Candy and being left alone with her for three hours... What is he to do? Candy, on the other hand, feels that Jared just cannot stand her. How will she be able to get past his barriers?

The third title USER FRIENDLY introduces us to Halley Connors and Evan Barrett. Halley's catering Website has been hacked by a very industrious group that has a tendency to leave a person naked with a small calling card. Evan being Halley's Webmaster, and best friend, must fix the problem before it is seen by her customers. When Evan informs Halley he wants more than friendship or a working relationship the sparks fly.

In her debut book, Erin McCarthy, definitely lives up to the expectation of the erotica genre. BAD BOYS ON LINE is hot and humorous at the same time. Parts of the book were so funny I had problems reading the book for laughing. The characters interact beautifully and the plots were very imaginative. MS. McCarthy first book sets the stage for her to emerge as a definite keeper for anyone's bookshelves. I am eagerly awaiting her next release.

Kristie Elliott, July 2003

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