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Invitation to Seduction
Jamie Denton
Kensington Brava Anthology
ISBN: 0758207077
August 2004
Contemporary Romance

Men leave skid marks behind when they leave Eden Matthews’ bed. Worse, she’s been told that she stinks in bed, to put it politely. She’s not taking it lying down any more. With the help of a little unfriendly persuasion, she enlists the aid of her partner Jackson Hunt. The man is a walking lump of testosterone and rumored to be very skilled in the bedroom arts. With any luck, she’ll come out of the “no strings attached” interlude with enough skill to entice a man and her relationship with her partner in tact. Jackson has other ideas!

Jamie Denton’s Brava novella sizzles from the first word to the final kiss. Eden and Jackson have a strong relationship before it even moves into the bedroom and it shows. The banter between them is friendly, flirty, and fun. When they move their relationship into the bedroom, sexy and satisfying are added characteristics but nothing is lost. Eden and Jackson are fun to read. Just keep a tall glass of ice water handy!

Lea Moyer, May 2004

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