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Dancing in the Dark
Dee Davis
ISBN: 0804119783
August 2003
Contemporary Romance

DANCING IN THE DARK by Dee Davis is just the right amount of romance and suspense. The suspense is enough to keep you, as a reader turning pages, and does not overpower the chemistry between free lance photographer, Sara Martin, and Austin police detective, Eric DíAngelo. The romance builds as Sara and Eric decide to further explore the chemistry they feel when together, but is low keyed and in keeping with the suspenseful elements.

Saraís friends are concerned about her. Her husband Tom and her son Charlie were killed in a car accident 2 years earlier. Her vast array of friends has decided that 2 years is long enough for Sara to grieve, and are now working hard on getting her to go out and find a new man to love. Sara is resisting all the fix ups they do, and even going out with the male friends in her group.

Sara and Eric meet when Sara finally decides that she will give in to her friendsí requests that she tell a police officer about phone calls that sheís getting in the middle of the night. She is to meet with Tony another detective who is also a friendís husband, and Ericís partner. Unfortunately, there has been a murder, and Eric is the one at the station when Sara comes for her appointment. As a reader you feel the instant attraction between Sara and Eric.

It is Eric that finally brings Sara out of her grieving mood, and into the world of dating and romance. Throughout their relationship the killings that Eric and Tony have been investigating continue. Soon they find a connection between Sara and the killings. As the relationship between Eric and Sara escalates, so do the connections between Sara and the murders.

As I read DANCING IN THE DARK I thought I knew who the Sinatra Killer was. I however was wrong both times. Dee Davis has written a book that blends romance with suspense in wonderful proportions. I found DANCING IN THE DARK to be an easy read, and even though there were several plot twists that I wasnít expecting they were easy to keep up with as well.

DANCING IN THE DARK is the first book Iíve read by Dee Davis. If the rest of her backlist is as engrossing as this one I know Iím in for some wonderful reading.

Sandi Shilhanek, August 2003

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