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Heart of Gold
Jessica Bird
ISBN: 0804119899
June 2003
Contemporary Romance

Carter Wessex is an archeologist extremely interested in a recent find on Farrell Mountain regarding a group of soldiers and colonists as well as a cache of gold which turned up missing in the 1700's. Nick Farrell is a corporate raider used to giving orders, getting what he wants, and what he wants is Carter. Nick gives permission for Carter to dig on his property but stipulates she must make regular progress reports to him personally. Add a married partner with a teenage daughter, Nick's teenage nephew, a blonde girlfriend nicknamed Blondezilla and a villian named Lyst and you have the makings of a well-written, totally enjoyable romance with a healthy taste of mystery and adventure.

I particularly liked the subplot involving Cort, a teenage nephew who has to deal with the death of his parents, being adopted, living with diabetes, and having a crush on the same woman his uncle covets for himself. Anyone who has ever spent time with a teenager will recognize the honesty and range of emotions in this piece.

Although I had a little trouble liking the relationship between the hero/heroine at first (it seemed they fell too hard, too fast without developing the relationship between them first), as the story progressed, you get to really understand the characters and end up rooting for them through the action-packed hard-to-put-down finale.

Diane Burke, May 2003

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