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The Night Before
Lisa Jackson
ISBN: 0821769367
March 2003
Romantic Suspense

The morning after what would have been her daughter’s fifth birthday, had she lived, Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeaux woke up covered in blood. She found blood all over her bedroom walls, the floor, and the bathroom. The shower door was broken. THE NIGHT BEFORE she went to the bar to meet her twin sister, Kelly, for drinks. Sipping her drink, while waiting for Kelly, was the only thing she could remember. What really happened? Where did all the blood come from?

Not much later the police show up at her door to let her know that her husband was found dead. Oh my gosh! Did she do it? She can’t remember. She needs to talk to Kelly to find out what happened that night, but Kelly isn’t answering her phone! She needs to talk to her shrink, but she left town on some mysterious project!

Meanwhile, Adam Hunt comes to town to take over as her shrink. The only thing is, he isn’t completely honest with Caitlyn about his motives. Who is he really? And what does he want from her? Against their better judgments and the rules of doctor/ patient relationships, they fall in love.

In the mist of this murder investigation, several life threatening attempts have been made against the Montgomery family. It seems that someone is out to get them all! The big question is who killed Josh Bandeaux? And who would want all of them dead? The police are narrowing in on Caitlyn. Did she kill her husband in a drunken stupor? What about the twin sister who never comes around, even when she says she will? Then there are the illegitimate half-siblings who are trying to get in on the Montgomery fortune. What about the nosy reporter and the disappearing shrink? Then there is the female homicide detective who seems to know everything about the Montgomery’s and Josh Bandeaux during her own secret investigation. What about Lucille, the maid, who can hear the ghosts? The list of suspects seems to grow faster than you can eliminate them. Or maybe, you shouldn’t have ruled anyone out…

A thrilling suspense novel by Lisa Jackson! I was so captivated by this book. I picked it up Wednesday and rarely put it down until it was finished on Friday.

I regretfully have to admit that I completely missed the romance in this book, though. I felt more tension between Caitlyn and Reed, than I did with her and Adam. Where the book is lacking in romance it is exploding with mystery and suspense! I was so sure I knew who did it at the end, but I was so wrong. Very few authors have surprised me, and Lisa Jackson is one of them…

Even if you are in it mainly reading for the romance, I still say, “run, don’t walk” to buy this book! When the sequel THE MORNING AFTER comes out in March 2004, I’ll be running for that one!

Jennifer C. Ebmeyer, June 2003

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