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Chasing Lily
Dixie Kane
Kensington Zebra
ISBN: 0821772465
July 2003

Lily Redmond was named after her free-spirited grandmother, but she is nothing like her grandmother. Living the life of a staid banker’s daughter, engaged to a man that is exactly like her father, she cannot relate to her grandmother’s past wild life as a Hollywood starlet. Now her widowed grandmother has decided to solve a murder that is over 40 years old by writing her memoirs. Lily is assigned, by her parents, to convince her grandmother to leave the past where it is and forget about writing her memoirs. But when Lily arrives at her grandmother’s house she finds more then she expected. There’s a man handcuffed to her grandmother’s bed. And much to her surprise, he’s not wearing much for clothes.

Extremely entertaining! Dixie Kane has done a wonderful job of meshing two romances into “Chasing Lily” without neglecting either one of them. I enjoyed the sexual tension between Lily and Sam as well as the spontaneity of Lillian and Archie. Just when you think you know who the bad guys are and who the good guys are, Dixie Kane throws in a little twist that makes you re-think everything. If you like a story that can draw you in and keep you guessing this is the one for you. For an evening of pure enjoyment I highly recommend you go out a get a copy of “Chasing Lily” today.

Teresa Riley, October 2003

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