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The Price of Moonlight
Sylvia McDaniel
ISBN: 0821773224
December 2002
Historical Romance

This is the second book in a trilogy about the widows of one man – Jean Cuvier. Nicole Rosseau Cuvier has gone to New Orleans to tell her husband of 4 years that she is pregnant at last, only to find him dead. She further finds that she is the second of three widows. She is facing an enormous scandal and an illegitimate child. She quickly marries a man she believes to be a drifter in order to give the baby a name.

Maxim Viel is a man with a secret. He has the responsibility of regaining his family’s plantation, Rosewood. He offers to purchase the plantation from Nicole without success and agrees to the “temporary” marriage in order to regain it. He allows Nicole to believe he is a drifter to prevent her from learning the truth about his history.

There were good qualities to the story; however, they often were outweighed by anachronistic language. The use of the term “kid” in reference to a child in 1895 was jarring, as was “I’m enjoying being with you way too much.” These inaccuracies detracted from the story, as did the frequent repetition of facts. The description of Max’s internal conflict was retold on nearly every page, as he decried his need to lie, yet did so constantly. Only when the truth was exposed did the story gain momentum.

THE PRICE OF MOONLIGHT overcame its writing flaws in the end. While it’s not a keeper, I will look for the other 2 books in the trilogy.

Nancy Riggins-Hume, June 2003

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