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Dangerous Attractions
Colleen Easton
ISBN: 0821773372
February 2003
Historical Romance

Genna Whitworth believed Eli Blaylock had died in an Indian attack nearly 20 years ago. Genna, after being rescued from a shipwreck by Eli and his crew, finds out he is very much alive.

In DANGEROUS ATTRACTIONS by Colleen Easton there are many reasons why Eli and Genna should not want to be together. First being, Eli is engaged to another woman. He also believes Genna is to blame for leaving him for dead after the Indian attack. Throw in Genna's own feelings of guilt and her own scarring, both emotional and physical, and you get one heck of a plot.

I did enjoy most of this book, but the physical and emotional abuse Genna is frequently subjected to didn't sit well with me.

Kristie Elliott, June 2003

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