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Perfect Together
Lisa Plumley
ISBN: 0821773410
June 2003
Contemporary Romance

Author Lisa Plumley has again created characters which readers want to laugh with as well as to cry with when things get tough. Her new book, PERFECT TOGETHER is the story of actress, Marley Madison and sportscaster Jake Jarvis.

Marley is a starlet who is quickly coming out of her starlet years. She has been to many casting calls, and has even humbled herself to the point of offering to audition or do cold scene testing. Jake is a television sportscaster at station KKZP, whose contract is up for renewal. They meet in the offices of game show, Dream Date. Both have ulterior motives for appearing on the show. Neither really wants to be cast with the other, but the executives of Dream Date have other ideas.

Marley is appearing as her alter ego Carly Christopher and as the book continues Marley learns a lot about the “real” world that she missed growing up as a child star. Marley’s heart is truly in the right place, as evidenced by the personal growth she manages as Carly. Jake is appearing as himself, and finds out that viewing the worlds through the eyes of Marley/Carly is enlightening, and that the sheltered view of the world he had been harboring isn’t what he really wants for his son.

Naturally, true love can never run smoothly, and these two have hit a major bump when the Marley/Carly story comes out. They express their love for one another in some unorthodox ways, yet in such a way that you know they truly are in love. It’s a way that I think every woman yearns to have the man she loves feel about her.

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I have several of Ms. Plumley’s backlist in my TBR Mountain, and look forward to finding time to read them. I also look forward to reading the next new release from her.

Sandi Shilhanek, June 2003

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