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Perfect Switch
Lisa Plumley
ISBN: 0821773429
June 2004

“Whenever I’m caught between two evils, I take the one I’ve never tried before” --Mae West

Meredith is definitely caught between two evils when she decides to take her sister’s invitation to be a part of an actor fantasy camp. Being a twin to a television star doesn’t have many, if any perks. Just this once Meredith wants to pretend to be her glamorous sister, for a short adventure, instead of a pop culture historian. Little does she know, she showed up for a lot more than a weekend getaway. When Tony Valentine insists she honor the contract he signed with her sister, it is goodbye Cinderella weekend, hello Superstar month.

Tony Valentine hates Tinseltown. He has only come back to LA to save his family’s struggling studio. He will launch the fantasy camp and get his family’s studio back in the black. Afterwards he plans to happily go back home to New York to his own life away from Hollywood. Signing television star Marley Madison seems a great way to launch the camp. He thinks Marley is the answer to his prayers, until he finds out he has Meredith the historian. When he should have been insisting he get the “star” he was promised, he instead finds himself taking a chance on Meredith. Meredith just might be what he needs for more than just the studio.

PERFECT SWITCH is a laugh out loud fast paced read. Lisa Plumley delivers colorful characters with quick wit and matches them with realistically humorous bumps and blunders along the way. PERFECT SWITCH is a must have for anyone looking for a witty and lighthearted romance.

Tasha Lewis, May 2004

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