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Gone Courting
Willa Hix
ISBN: 0821773585
December 2002
Historical Romance

If you are looking for just a nice, sweet romance this is the book for you. The setting is Wisconsin in the late 1800ís. Lucy Conroy has been brought up most of her life in a circus family. They own the Conroy Circus Cavalcade Extraordinaire and she is one of the main attractions, with her high flying trapeze act. Her personal life is really messed up, her last boyfriend not only ran off with another circus, but he stole all the money she had saved for a house. Then to top things off the circus her family owns is going broke. The girl just canít seem to catch a break.† The only good thing in her life right now is that she has come up with this really great act, which involves spinning while suspended from the top of the circus tent, by her neck.† She hopes this will help the ailing circus.

Her father has asked Adam Porterfield, the son of a dear friend of her fathers for many years, for assistance. Adam sends out Jeremy Barrington, the son of a Duke, to get the circus back to financial success. Jeremy knows nothing about running a circus, but he owes Adam, and this was his last chance to prove he wasnít a total screw-up, he wasnít about to fail. He works hard at improving the circus, and in the process wins the approval of all the circus employees, even eventually Lucy. Jeremy and Lucy start out with this,Ē Iím the star,Ē well, ďIím the boss,Ē conflict, and you know there sometimes is a fine line between anger and love.

GONE COURTING is a really pleasant book. It has all the ingredients that a romance should have. Thereís conflict, there are a few sad parts and there is a mystery to be solved. This is a book that you could let your teen age daughter read, while there is some sex, the sex scenes arenít extremely explicit. Oh yeah, the most important part of a romance is, it really does have a happy ending!

Debbie Olson, May 2003

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