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White Tigerís Fancy
Tracy Cozzens
ISBN: 0821773968
December 2002
Historical Romance

Pauline Carrington is naturally athletic and craves adventure. Her mother wishes for her to marry and drags her to every social event so she will hopefully find a husband. Marriage is the last thing Pauline wants. At her witsí end her mother decides to send her to India to stay with her sister in hopes that she will finally find someone to marry. Pauline has other plans though; she intends to find the adventure she craves. Sure enough when she gets to India she finds her excitement and adventure in Nathaniel Savidge, he is planning on hunting down a man man-eating tiger and she wants to go with him.

Nathaniel Savidge, known as the White Tiger to the natives, is called on to hunt down a man man-eating tiger. When a pretty little pampered heiress comes to him and asks to join the hunt he refuses to bring her. But the very next day Pauline shows up disguised as a Punjabi and tries to become one of his porters, he decides that maybe he should teach this headstrong heiress a lesson she will not soon forget. But only when she meets and beats every challenge he puts before her will he find that he is the one who has learned something.

If you crave adventure then you will enjoy reading Tracy Cozzens WHITE TIGERíS FANCY. She has created a story and characters that come to life on the pages. There were times I felt as if I were right there with Pauline and Nate. Tracy presents India in all its natural beauty. Reading WHITE TIGERíS FANCY has re-ignited my desire to visit India. Pauline is a very strong and believable heroine. I cheered for her as she meet each new challenge Nate could think up. Nate is the picture of a true hunter, once he knows what his ďpreyĒ is he does not stop until he has captured what he desires. WHITE TIGERíS FANCY is full of excitement, adventure and romance. I highly recommend it to everyone that is looking to add a little adventure to their life, and those that enjoy reading Historical Romance.

Teresa Riley, July 2003

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