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Shades of Winter
Linda Fallon
ISBN: 0821774328
April 2003
Paranormal Romance

Eve Abernathy and Lucien Thorpe are about to be married when 2 days before the wedding Lucien goes off to investigate a "haunted" hotel. When the day of the wedding arrives and the groom is a no show, Eve can't believe that Lucien forgot her again. Just as Eve is about to give up a young boy arrives at the church with a message from Lucien. The cryptic message soon sends Eve and her friends off to the Honeycutt Hotel to rescue Lucien. What they find when they arrive horrifies them.

I found SHADES OF WINTER to be a very interesting and somewhat fast read. Eve is a strong woman with special abilities, set in her ways but she has found the love of her life in Lucien. Lucien's abilities have always made him feel the odd person out. Then he finds Eve who is just what he needs even though he tends to forget about her when he gets wrapped up in his investigations. Eve has managed to forgive his past forgetfulness when this latest episode happens and nearly costs Lucien his life. Eventually love manages to save the day.

Ms. Fallon has created a secondary cast of characters who I found very intriguing. They almost overshadowed the hero and heroine. Almost but not quite. They did make enough of an impact on me that I can't wait to see if she has stories planned for all of them.

I do recommend SHADES OF WINTER if you're in the mood for something a little different filled with ghostly spirits and a little bit of a mystery

Diane Mason, June 2003

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