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Charmed, I’m Sure
Liz Ireland
ISBN: 0821774743
March 2003
Contemporary Romance

Callie Hausemen is not having a good morning. Last night wasn’t any better. She slipped on the snow and ended up spending most of the evening in the ER. She ended up with a bruised knee and nice sore on her chin. She’s stuck wearing a knee brace. So, naturally, when she goes out to start her car that morning, it dies. Now, she has to make it the 10 blocks so she can catch the public transportation, then another ten blocks to the factory where she works. Her boss, Sy Teller, is sitting in his office playing minesweeper on the computer all day long, like normal. At least she’s planning on going to the movies with Arno tonight. She wants to write a review of the movie.

At 4:30 her boss tells Callie that he needs her to run an errand for him. He wants her to go cross town and pick up a wedding gift for his nephew. This is the first that Callie has heard that Sy has a nephew. Sy knows that Callie will never make it back by 5:00, but he doesn’t care. Callie knows that she’s not going to make the movies. She won’t have enough time. She goes cross town, with the brace on, and gets the gift. It turns out to be a cast iron sauté pan. Callie has fun bringing it back to the office. Callie is planning on quitting as soon as she gets her Christmas bonus. It’s just after Thanksgiving now. She keeps telling herself that as she’s fighting this box back to the office.

She drops the box on Sy’s desk. He immediately begins yelling at her. Why didn’t she get it gift wrapped? He paid to have it gift wrapped. He tells her that she will just have to take it back the next morning for the gift wrapping. That’s the final straw. Callie has had all that she can take. She decides to call Sy a son of a bitch using the same words that her Aunt Agnes always used to use. She says the words. She feels a huge pressure in her head and the walls start shaking. Callie closes her eyes and waits for it to stop. When it does and she opens her eyes again, there is a cute little golden retriever sitting in Sy’s chair. It looks just the puppy her Aunt Agnes gave her when her parents died, Sparky. Callie can’t believe it! She turned her mean, nasty old boss into an adorable puppy. She bundles the puppy up and takes it home with her. She does have a no pet’s clause in her lease. Her roommate, Linelle, is there. Callie ends up spending 20 minutes convincing Linelle that the puppy is her boss. Callie comes from a line of witches, but she’s never been able to cast any spells before. Callie convinces Linelle that they will have to keep the puppy for a while. Her Aunt Agnes decided to go to Europe with her Aunt Lollie after her uncle died, and won’t be back until after Christmas. Callie has no kind of itinerary for her aunt so she has no idea of how to get a hold of her.

Meanwhile, David Teller is in bed with his fiancée’, Lydia. Their wedding is in two weeks and Lydia is bugging him to get an RSVP from his Uncle Sy. Lydia is high class and David is from the south side of Boston. Lydia has redone their apartment and works out of it. David is hiding the detective novel that he is reading in the paper so Lydia won’t know what he is reading. She doesn’t approve of them. David’s father and Uncle Sy have been feuding since before David was even born. He’s only seen his Uncle Sy once and that was not a pleasant memory.

Well Lydia keeps bothering him to get an answer from his uncle. Finally, to get her off his back, David calls his uncle and doesn’t get an answer. He tries to call the factory the next day and Callie answers the phone. She takes a message. After a couple days of leaving messages and not getting any return calls, David decides to go to the factory that his uncle owns and get an answer in person. Callie tells David that she hasn’t seen Sy in a couple weeks. The factory is doing great, there is music playing in the background and a bright mural being painted in the factory, which is very unlike his skinflint uncle. Callie has a puppy that she calls Sparky next to her desk. Callie is very guilty about what she did, but still manages not to tell David. She is immediately attracted to him. David is also immediately attracted to Callie. He goes in Sy’s office and sees that his jacket is still over the back of the chair. He finds keys in the pocket and goes to Sy’s apartment.

The man doesn’t even have a TV. David is becoming concerned now and decides to go to the police. He even begins to follow Callie around. Lydia does not appreciate this. She is getting upset with David. Eventually Callie cracks and tells David that she turned his Uncle Sy into the puppy. David thinks that Callie is insane.

This is not the normal type of book that I would choose to read, but I sure am glad that I read this one. This is wonderfully funny story. I was laughing out loud at everything that Callie and David all went through as Callie tries to prove to David that Sparky is indeed his Uncle Sy as they are both trying to fight the attraction between them. This is a wonderful tongue-in-cheek story of love with a tornado. David had his whole life figured out until he met Callie. She came into his life like a whirlwind with disastrous results. The story is very well written. It held my attention throughout the book. Even the secondary characters are very well rounded and believable. This is a fantastic story that I recommend to anyone that needs a laugh.

Chere Gruver, May 2003

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