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A Daring Courtship
Valerie King
ISBN: 0821774832
July 2003
Historical Romance

Sir Roger Mathieson was Scottish, Madeline Piper was all English through and through. A courtship between the two would have been almost unthinkable in Sussex in the 1800’s. But, Sir Roger was smitten, smitten from the first time he laid eyes on Madeline. She had been sitting in the bailey of his recently acquired castle, head lifted to the winter sun. He had though her a goddess come to welcome him to his new castle. His thoughts couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Madeline had come to the castle often, even had a small child. She loved the solitude, it was a peaceful place. She had come there that day to say “goodbye” since she had heard that a Scotsman had bought the castle, it was unthinkable, couldn’t be allowed, and shouldn’t be allowed. Those thoughts and feelings were keeping Sir Roger out of Chilchester society. Madeline had the power to help sir Roger gain entry to the Chilchester society. She had no intention of helping him until a twist of fate required her to go to him for  help. It seems her father had gambled away their family fortune and the only person in the area with a fortune large enough to bail them out was Sir Roger. He had offered for her hand sometime earlier and she had refused and literally thrown a clock at his head. She had a lot of work ahead of her to undo the damage she had done and regain his good graces. After all, she really, really needed his money.

This is a nice regency novel, the characters are if not totally like able, are someone you could feel as certain amount of compassion for. Madeline wasn’t a real nice person at first, but she got her comeuppance and she dealt with it. Sir Roger was also using her along the way, but  he was dealing with a certain amount of prejudices too.

The story is about the two of them moving past all the prejudices, getting others to move past their own and finding out that people that are seem different from you are maybe really wonderful people too. This is another great book for a young teen, even if the characters are slightly older, there is no sex at all if that is a concern for you or if you prefer your novels less explicit.

Debbie Olson, August 2003

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