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The Black Mask
Cynthia Pratt
ISBN: 0821774883
February 2003
Historical Romance

Rose Spencerís eccentric godfather has left her a ruby ring. It is the ugliest thing she has ever seen and unfortunately, worth next to nothing due to its poor quality. She had hoped to sell the gem to pay off her brothers gambling debts. Then one night the Black Mask, a gentleman thief, breaks into Roseís house looking for the jewel and she attempts to convince him to steal Rupertís IOUís from Sir Niles Alardyce.

The Black Mask does not steal for personal gain; he is out to expose some of societyís worst blackguards. When he broke into Roseís house he was searching for a mysterious box she was holding for an acquaintance not her awful ruby ring. When Rose presents him with her scandalous idea he is very intrigued. Just maybe he will be able to enlist her aid in his quest. But will the Rose be the one that does the stealing from the Black mask? Will she steal his heart before her plan is finished?

THE BLACK MASK was splendidly entertaining. Cynthia Pratt did an awesome job in developing her hero and heroine. Watching the way Rose and Niles interact was hilarious. The manner in which the Black Mask was unveiled was not what I was expecting but I did enjoy reading the story. If you are looking for an entertaining book that is a quick read I suggest you pick up a copy of THE BLACK MASK. You will be entertained from the starting to the romantic ending.

Teresa Riley, July 2003

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