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Say No to Joe?
by Lori Foster
ISBN: 082177512X
August 2003
Contemporary Romance

From the opening lines, where the reader finds the hero, Joe, buck naked with two females hovering over him, oohing and ahhing as he sleeps, we know we are in for a hot, steamy, sexy adventure.

Joe Winston has always been able to bed...and leave...any woman he desires...until now. Luna Clark, although highly attracted to this macho man with his delectable good looks and sexy air, has managed to keep him at arms length. Now circumstances are throwing the two of them together...same house but same bed?

Joe, who was recently badly beaten and is now recovering, agrees to travel to North Carolina with Luna and help her gain custody of two children the town is hell bent on sending away. As the plot thickens, strangers are stalking them, someone is setting fires on their property, someone is setting the children up for malicious mischief charges, and Joe and Luna have to get to the bottom of it all.

Lori Foster has written a book with complex characters who the reader will love and root for. There is definite sexual attraction building from page one between Joe and Luna. But when you add the two children, the book really comes alive. The dialogue, the kid's antics, and the challenge Joe and Luna have of doing what is best amidst the worst of circumstances, make these characters become "real" people. People you care about. People you want to win against the bad guys. And it moves at a fast, never boring, never dragging pace.

The cover of Lori Foster's new book is red for a reason. This book is steamy, sexy, and leaves little to the imagination. So if you are looking for a fast paced, well plotted book with fascinating characters and sex, sex, sex, this book is for you.

Diane Burke, December 2003

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